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and the three other americans killed in the attack in benghazi. >> not only suffering from the devastation from sandy and the nor'easter, new yorkers are battling long gas lines and today some relief is on the way. fox5 morning news at 7 :00 starts right now. there's a live look outside. not a bad start to the day. setting up for a nice couple of days. this is friday, november 9th. we made it. good morning. i'm tony perkins. >> looks like we made it ♪ i'm alison seymour. it is friday, thank goodness. >> we begin this hour with breaking news from downtown d.c. early morning armed robbery has parts of 18th street closed. d.c. police are on scene at 18th and jefferson place northwest, that's between m and n streets. they say it happened just before 6:30 this morning, so a short time ago. investigators say three
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suspects were involved. at least one of them had a gun when they held up a person on the street. we are told a shot was fired but no one was hit. we'll bring you updates on this story as we get them, particularly because it will affect traffic down there. it straight up 7:00 now. let's head over to tucker barnes. supposed to be a great weekend. >> going to be a great weekend. later this afternoon we'll warm up into the mid-50s. and set the stage for 60s around here both saturday and sunday. nice looking weekend ahead. let's get started with the current numbers. it's cold, though beautiful. nice, crisp morning for us. reagan national, 40 degrees. up a degree from last hour. dulles, 38. and bwi marshall 36. much of the area in the 30s. at the bus stop, you'll want the winter jacket to start your day. satellite radar, storminess from yesterday off the coast. the winds in and the clouds with it. bright sunshine later this afternoon. might be a little breezy at times here, but won't be as
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windy as yesterday and temperatures should be even a degree or two warmer than yesterday. a nice friday afternoon. and as we get into saturday and sunday, our temperatures will be well into the 60s. may be flirting with a 70- degree day by sunday afternoon. more details coming up. mild conditions this afternoon. mid- to upper 50s. dry friday in store. all right, that's weather. let's do traffic and find out what's happening with the roadways. julie, good morning. >> on the roads now we're going to start off with skyfox showing you northbound off 95 and 395 continuing to landmark and towards seminary road. heavy and slow on the main line. north of the beltway lanes are open. traffic congested headed to seminary road before you break free. slows again over the inbound 14th street bridge. northbound i-95 tied up leaving the prince william parkway with all the accident vehicles cleared to the shoulder.
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back inside, if you are continuing downtown, police activity, ongoing investigation tying up your commute along 18th street after connecticut avenue at jefferson place. no one is able to get by at this time. we'll bring you live pictures shortly. 18th after connecticut avenue northwest, that intersection remains closed. inbound new york avenue they were checking for a stalled car near montana, we'll keep you mosted on what they bush posted -- posted on what they find there in our next report. the looming fiscal cliff, governor mcdonald has ordered state agencies to prepare plans to cut their budget by 4 #% in case congress can't agree in time on a solution. the president is expected to address the issue today. fox5's sherri ly is live on capitol hill with what all this could mean for all of us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. it was the inability of congress to come up with a deal that put us in this place.
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and now, with this so-called fiscal cliff so close, they're under pressure to get something done. if they don't, potential layoffs for the government workforce and contractors that get federal money could see their funding cut. in this region, which is built around the federal government, the washington area will certainly feel the pain. president obama will emerge today for his first remarks since election night, and he will no doubt talk about congress and the looming fiscal cliff. when taxes go up, government spending goes down at the end of the year. the president's former chief economic advisor paints a grim picture. >> the election is over. if you go off the fiscal cliff, the economy goes into recession the beginning of 2013. this is not a small matter. i think we have to address it. >> reporter: it will come down to these two men. the president expected to draw a line in the sand insisting on
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a massive tax hike for wealthy americans and republican house speaker john boehner now open to raising taxes in other ways. but he told abc news that tax rates should remain where they are. >> on the table, but through reforming our tax code. and i would do that if the president were serious about solving our spending problem, and trying to secure our entitlement program. >> reporter: most economists agree that reforming entitlement programs like medicare, medicaid and social security is necessary, but it would involve a grand bargain. it could take months or years to get that done. the deadline for congress just over seven weeks from now. if these cuts take effect, a congressional budget office report says unemployment could climb to above 9%. some entitlement programs such as social security and medicaid
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are exempt, but just about everything else is on the table. back to you. >> sherri ly, thank you. >> going over the fiscal cliff threatens to impact each and every one of us. how likely is a compromise? what are hill watchers hearing about the fiscal cliff? we'll find out when ed o'keefe of the "washington post" joinsous in our next half hour. new this morning, a united airlines flight from denver to dulles makes an emergency landing as it flies into our region. this happened last night after flight crews say a passenger refused to follow instructions for landing. they say the man refused to sit down and was praying in the aisle. a prince george's county man is recovering after being burned when his home caught fire. the flames broke out around 7:30 last night along northern avenue. nearly 65 firefighters were called to the scene and it took about an hour to put out the blaze. the victim, in his 50s, was taken to a burn unit in good
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condition. his home was destroyed. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a teenager is under arrest for the brutal attack and robbery of an 81-year-old woman in her northwest d.c. home. this happened wednesday afternoon along mckinley street. police say a masked man broke into the house through a back window, punched the victim in the face and head and took a computer. the suspect, 18-year-old tyrann mcclera is under arrest. >> happen to be a safe and quiet neighborhood. we got surprised yesterday somebody tried to rob here. and we are sorry a lot for the incident that happened with the lady.
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>> the elderly victim is 81 years old. she remains in the hospital. we're following a developing story this morning. a navy seal punished for revealing secrets about seal team six. seven members including one involved in the bin laden killing are being disciplined for allegedly disclosing classified information. reportedly gave that information to the maker of a video game called medal of honor war fighter. four others also under investigation for simple disclosures. tony? a moving tribute in the nation's capitol by hillary clinton. chris stevens has earned a posthumous award. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador chris stevens and two other
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americans were killed in benghazi september 11th. secretary of state hillary clinton says his legacy will forever live on. >> chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life. he remains an inspiration now and i believe far into the future. >> reporter: nearly two months since the attack, officials are still looking into the incident and working to improve safety protocols. >> we now have a formal accountability review board investigating the terrorist attack that killed chris and we will certainly apply its recommendations and lessons learned to improving security everywhere. >> reporter: the late ambassador stevens's sister earned a standing ovation as she accepted the award on his behalf. along with stories of his dedicated service, she revealed personal details about her brother. >> his engaging personality,
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how many of my girlfriends had crushes on him, enabled him to cross the cultural divides with ease. he enjoyed talking to people with all thoughts of life. >> reporter: lawmakers are stepping up demands for information about the attack. several committees will hold classified hearings on the matter next week. as part of the northeast continue to recover from sandy and this week's nor'easter -- >> drivers can only buy gas if their license plates end in an odd number, and tomorrow drivers with tags ending in an even number can fill up in new york city. with all the power outages, only a quarter of gas stations are operating. that causes long lines, of course, which officials say has caused panic buying and hoarding. >> it has worked well in new jersey and although the shortages are more severe here
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because we're further down the supply chain, we help it will mitigate the worse of our problems. >> there's good news in staten island, fema's mobile office is open again following the nor'easter this week. very special arrival in new york in the wake of superstorm sandy. a fire truck named the spirit of louisiana being pulled into long beach from the bayou state. it was built 11 years ago and sent to new york as a replacement truck after the 9/11 attacks. it was then sent back to louisiana to help after hurricane katrina. the truck will now help in new york. 11 minutes after 7:00 on this friday morning. increased efforts to battle a big problem in d.c. schools. students who don't show up. coming up next, details of one idea on the table to increase those numbers. >> plus, still recovering from an attack by the taliban. this teenager is at the center of a petition circulating around the world. we'll explain.
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>> as we head to the break, here's a live look outside. we'll get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. we'll be right back. i t my coffe for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! syrian refugees fleeing violation. 5,000 fled to neighboring turkey overnight and a group of officers defected, including two generals and 11 colonels. the new exodus raises the number of refugees in turkey to 120,000. just yesterday the red cross said it cannot cope with the needs of the victims. the war has killed 36,000 people, but the president is denying it's a civil war. jared loughner has been
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sentenced to seven life sentences. he opened fire in tucson, arizona, in january, 2011. congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband were among those in court. kelly addressed the court on his wife's behalf, telling him, "you may have put a bullet through her head, but you have not put a dent in her spirit." there are calls to award a 15-year-old pakistani girl who was shot in the head by the taliban the nobel peace prize. now that young victim continues to recover from the attack. she was targeted after she campaigned for girls' education in pakistan. more than 60,000 people have signed an online petition saying she deserves to be recognized. tucker barnes is here to tell us what's going on with our weather. you have good news. >> great news for the weekend. finally, after better part of two weeks the temperatures below normal, we're going to be
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talking about a pop in temperatures. saturday and sunday, near 70. >> unbelievable. >> only down part, i haven't done leaf raking -- >> so what? >> there is no excuse. >> true. but you have to enjoy this weather. and no redskins. >> not just you, but all of us. >> i know, i'm hurting. 40 in washington. 29 cincinnati. 35 in chicago. notice st. louis at 50, and down into texas temperatures now in the 60s. that warmer air will start to arrive later, really overnight tonight into the day tomorrow. we'll warm up into the mid-50s today. the real warm stuff gets in here for the weekend. temperatures off to the north, lots of 20s and 30s up near canada. international falls 30. great falls, montana, 25. they've got a blizzard warning for parts of montana.
7:18 am
most of the country quiet. final across the eastern seaboard quiet. cincinnati and chicago, nice and quiet. high pressure will deliver a couple of beautiful days starting with today. warm up into the mid-50s today, and as the high pressure gets east and south of us tomorrow we'll be looking at 60s, close to 70 around here for veterans day sunday. and into the day monday. there's your accu weather seven- day, best chance of rain tuesday, and cooler temperatures behind it. let's enjoy the nice stretch we have ahead here. >> good veterans day. >> should be real nice. thanks be tuck. >> let's go to julie wright now. >> good morning. couple of things happening here that you need to be warned about. let's start off to the west side of town. it's where we have accident activity on lee mill road approaching the georgetown pike. georgetown pike open for business. we have fire and rescue responding to the scene.
7:19 am
no problems on route 7 headed east. slowest trips inbound in the west is the commute along 66. backing up in manassas. delays to about 20 miles per hour here at fair oaks eastbound towards 123. about 20 miles per hour there. back up above speed, almost 60 miles per hour heading towards the capitol beltway. we have a lot of police presence in this area of 18 th what remains closed is m street between 18th and 19th. also jefferson place blocked off between connecticut and 19th until further notice. top stretch of the beltway, no problems leaving college park to 270. we're receiving word all the activity downtown in that area of jefferson place, m street and 18th street has been reopened. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we want to go back to the breaking news we told you about, an armed robbery this morning. there were two robbery victims
7:20 am
who were held up in the 1800 block of jefferson place northwest. that's right where connecticut avenue hits 18th street south of the circle. wallets and cell phones were taken. the victims drove about four blocks away near lafayette park to call police. investigators tell us they're looking for at least three suspects, one who had a gun. we're told a shot was fired, but no one was hurt. the george washington university coming under fire for overstating the credentials of students. the school reported 78% of those who entered gw last fall graduated in the top 10 of their high school class. but the "washington post" is reporting only 58% actually did. the university says it's because of a flaw in reporting methods dating back more than a decade. the rankings are used by students choosing colleges. is the district on the verge of an educational crisis in low test scores and low attendance go hand in hand. school and city leaders held a hearing to discuss ways to get
7:21 am
kids to school. one idea, making parents more accountable if their kids don't show up. fox5's matt ackland has the story. >> reporter: in a city where violent crime and unemployment are big problems, many believe education is the key to solving those issues. but truancy is standing in the way. >> my job is to educate them, and i can't educate them, i can't meet the aggressive goals we set if the children aren't there. >> traditionally our school system is the safety net. >> reporter: d.c. chancellor henderson testified in front of a council committed to getting students to class. some say parents have to be held accountable. >> literally risking their educational live. >> it's educational neglect. i think we need to inspire a few of these parents to get serious about it and make examples. >> reporter: there is already a law on the books holding parents responsible for
7:22 am
truancy. but one council member says it's rarely enforced. >> once the judicial system is engaged, the parents understand there are consequences. and i would go the route of community service first, probation. >> reporter: the assistant police chief says keeping kids in school often keeps them out of trouble. >> it contributes to crime if you're out of school. >> reporter: this chart shows d.c. schools with better attendance producing better grades. >> you can lay the graduation rates over it, high attendance, high graduation, low attendance, low graduation. >> reporter: after the first unexcused absence, a file is started at the school and after 10 absences without an excuse, social workers are assigned to the case. in the newsroom, matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> matt, thanks. no more warnings. coming up, a couple of speed
7:23 am
cameras in montgomery county will start handing out fines. not literally, but starting tonight. >> if they could. don't think they would? >> yes, that's right. >> plus, lights, camera, action. those three words becoming more popular in virginia. welcoming news for the state's economy for sure. >> and holly is hanging out with a talented group of students this morning. the best marching band in maryland. later this hour, they'll perform one of the songs that got them that title. it's 7:23. we'll be right back. ♪ this year, america's privately-y-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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freight railroads plan to spend8 $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. back now on fox 5 morning news, a speed camera alert for drivers in takoma park. police set up two portable speed cameras along the 7400 block of carroll avenue. one points northbound, and one points southbound. the warning period ends today. if you are driving 13 miles or more over the speed limit, you
7:27 am
will be issued a citation. by the people, for the people. >> virginia has movies like this to thank for helping grow its economy. "lincoln" which opens today was shot in the state last year. other major films recently shot in virginia include jay edgar and argo. new data shows the industry's total impact on virginia increased over 14% last year and added more than 3800 jobs. a wild playoff game for d.c. united. sports breakfast is next. >> the lame duck congress has a big task before the new year. can they work together with the president to broker a deal? a closer look after the break. this year, america's privately-owned freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their netetwork. that's like building 4 nat's stadiums, 5 wilson
7:28 am
bridges, and 8 dc convention centers...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers.
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freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. what a match it was in new jersey last night. the playoffs finally underway after a delay due to snow the night before. de leon scored in the 88th minute to give d.c. united a 1- 0 victory. the red bulls scored a goal on a penalty kick, but it was taken back because a player was in the penalty area early. d.c. united travels to houston
7:31 am
sunday in the eastern conference finals. they are just two matches away from hosting the cup at rfk stadium. that would be great. a special night is planned at the verizon center. the wizards are hosting military appreciation night. there will be a pregame performance by the us army drill team. a group of service members will present colors while the u.s. army chorus performs the national anthem and the marine corps silent drill platoon will perform at half time. tickets start at $18 with a valid military i.d. >> did we say who they're playing? >> it doesn't matter with all that other stuff going on. >> sure doesn't. there you go. >> do you know? >> no, i'm asking. i'm interested in knowing. >> we'll find out. >> we'll research. >> think that would be in there. we'll find out. >> let me do the forecast. see what you can find. we'll be fine. want to go out and play today, temperatures in the mid-50s and we're setting up for a great
7:32 am
weekend, with warmer temperatures on the way. saturday and sunday, well into the 60s. by sunday afternoon close to 70 degrees. we haven't done that in weeks, since before sandy. 40degrees now in washington. it's cold. turned cold overnight with clear skies. most of the area back into the 30s at the moment. 33 fredericksburg. culpeper, 32 for you. mountains in the mid-30s. 36 in winchester. lots of sunshine in the forecast. our storm from yesterday, there it is, pushed well off to the east and taken with it cloud cover and the winds. maybe a bit of a breeze today. but i promise it will feel better than yesterday when he had bluster -- we had blustery conditions. high pressure to the west will build in, and will deliver a nice weather pattern for the neck several days. today looks great and warmup this weekend. why the big warmup? so far this month the jet stream has been dipping to the
7:33 am
south and bringing us the stormy weather and the very cool weather. our temperatures for the month so far running about 8 degrees below average. to the west it's been warm. flip flop in that pattern, allowing warmer air here for a couple of days and the cold stuff out west. southwesterly winds tomorrow bring temperatures to the mid- 60s. feeling great today. with lots of sunshine and less wind, should feel better than yesterday. sunday, veterans day, temperatures in the upper 60s, near 70. we'll do it again monday. next chance for shower activity around here on tuesday. 62degrees. let's do traffic and see if julie wright is delivering the same kind of forecast with your traffic. >> for the weekend? of course. no problem. but now, tucker, not so easy to work your way around town. accident activity we're cleaning up along lee mill over the georgetown pike. two car fender-bender with
7:34 am
police on the scene. georgetown pike open for business. no problems there. eastbound 66 still struggling out of manassas, down to about 28 miles per hour. improving here, leaving fair oaks to 123. and closer to the beltway down to about 46 miles per hour at this point heading inbound from vienna. southbound 270, pockets of congestion. again, with the slowdown continuing out of hyattstown, 45 miles per hour headed to clarksburg and on the brakes continuing out of rockville with speeds to 33 miles per hour. top stretch of the beltway, below speed leaving 95 headed to georgia avenue. 395 delays headed to king street. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks, julie. the party is over. it's time to get back to business. that's the message president obama appears to be giving congressional leaders. he has spoken with top members including house speaker john
7:35 am
boehner about the agenda for congress. the main issue, avoiding the fiscal cliff. joining us now, ed o'keefe, congressional correspondent for the "washington post" and author of the two chambers blog. can you tell us the worst case scenario before we talk about what might happen? >> worst case scenario, you'll see billions of dollars in spending cuts the pentagon and all other federal agencies across washington, which could lead to job cuts, especially in this area. families with children would see their taxes go up as much as $4,700 a year. people might start having to pay the ate tax, another big tax people have to pay, leave it at that. and a host of other things. taxpayers would be paying more and government get smaller in a
7:36 am
disasterrous way. >> how did we get here? >> last summer there were the negotiations over the debt ceiling about expanding our borrowing limit. as part of the agreement, they said we're going to put the tax cuts, sorry, tax increases and budget cuts in place, and they left that out there hanging, saying we have to somehow avoid this. let that be the carrot. they've been chasing this carrot and they've only got about another month and a half to go, and they have to get this sorted out before it begins. reports at least this week that say if those tax increases happen, if the budget cuts occur, we could slip back into a recession, the unemployment rate might jump over 9%. look what happened to the stock market this week, it's been down, because everyone is waiting on congress and the white house to get their act together. >> that's been the other part of the story, the seemingly, that roadblock in congress. how do we get over this now? because a lot of the same folks
7:37 am
who were there before and the -- >> most of them are still there. >> -- everybody is still in place. how do we expect this situation to get better? >> the republicans realize they got shellacked this week. they said to us before hand, and i think they're admitting it now, if the president were to win and democrats hold onto the senate, that would be a signal to the republicans they'll probably have to give somehow on taxes. you've seen the speaker this week suggest he doesn't necessarily want tax increases, but he's willing to open up, or close tax loopholes for upper income folks, lower income folks that would eventually lead to more revenue and therefore help pay down this debt. i think what you're going to see is some combination of changes to taxes, and change in some of these cuts. there will be cuts in some programs that help close this gap. the question is, will people above $250,000 see a tax increase? people above $500,000? people who make more than a
7:38 am
million dollars a year? republicans argue, their main concern is many people who earn that much money are small business owners. might own a small software company, a chain of restaurants. if their taxes go up, the fear among republicans means they invest less in their business and hire fewer people. democrats say, look, kim kardashian -- >> we've heard this deal needs to be brokered and seven weeks, that seems like a short amount of time to get such a huge problem. >> it does when you consider they're here next week, gone the next week because of thanksgiving, because they need a week off, and back after that and may be here up until christmas. indigent the fact the economy appears to be on edge waiting for things to happen, that there is voter impatience and
7:39 am
expectation, will compel them to work well. you don't know what will happen, but looking at the calendar, looking at all the things they have to do, i expect there will be some short- term thing that leads to a longer term deal. >> can they get it done? >> i think they can. i think they understand now they have to, a, because the economy is suffers, b, voters are fed up. the president doesn't face reelection anymore. but congress faces reelection in two years. they know if they can't fix this, most of them lose their job. >> ed o'keefe, thanks for coming in today. we might need to have you back. >> i'll be here. >> very soon. thank you so much. we'll be right back. hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' a dunkin' latte. i'm in love with my dunkin' latte. it is a treat. they're packed with flavor.
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it's my kind of latte. try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'!
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it's your look at the new and note worthy in the week ahead. this is your capital run down for november 12th, 2012. monday, at 80:00 a.m. at the library of congress they'll mark the 150th anniversary of the civil war by opening a six month long exhibit of 175 rarely seen
7:43 am
items, included are abraham lincoln's copy of the second inaugural address and stone wall jackson's battlefield map. tuesday, november 13th, former republican vp candidate paul ryan and virginia senator warner will speak at the ceo council here in washington. that starts at 7:00 a.m. at the may flower hotel. on wednesday, november 14th, at 9:30 a.m., the topic on how to help returning veterans increase their job opportunitys in the private sector will be highlighted at the u.s. department of labor symposium. they'll focus on bettering career and education opportunities. thursday, november 15th, at 7:00 p.m. u.s. supreme court justice samuel alito offers the keynote address at the national lawyers
7:44 am
convention. and friday, november 16th, 8:30 a.m., the national press club will look at social media in the 2012 presidential race, looking at the increasing role it's playing. that's your capital run down for the week of november 12th. you can find more at, and use our twitter hashtag, capitalrun down. i'm tom fitzgerald. we'll see you next week. all righty. >> tucker barnes is here once again to tell us what's happening with our weather. >> kind of cold this morning. temperatures in the 30s. warming up to the mid-50s later today. less wind, more sun. >> what con complain? >> you're looking great today. you're matching. >> thank you. i'll be talking about this tie later. it's a special tie sent to me. >> can't wait. today looks great and weekend better with mid-60s. 40 now in washington. still plenty cold out there to the west and north.
7:45 am
pittsburgh 29 degrees. 27 in columbus. 37 in new york city. good news, not only we'll warm up, but they'll warm up with sunshine into new jersey and new york over the next couple of days. is . >> that's good. >> high pressure will move overhead later today. that will give us plenty of bright sunshine. little cool with highs in the mid- to upper 50s. but less wind. cold overnight. sunday and monday winds out of the south and west, and that means warmer air on the way. lots of sunshine with a nice warming trend. 57 today. mid-60s tomorrow. close to 70 sunday and monday afternoon. sunday veteran's day. monday many people get a holiday. good couple of days for holidays. >> are schools closed monday? no?
7:46 am
>> not montgomery county. it's a half day, i believe. >> energy -- federal government is closed, right? >> julie wright is standing by with traffic. >> are we working monday? >> yes. >> we work every day. >> darn! we need that rule, if the schools are out, we're out, too. >> i like that. >> on the roads now you'll find north of town 95 and 295, nice between bwi marshall with no incidents. eastbound 32 approaching 295, accident activity has traffic squeezing by on the shoulder. heavy delays eastbound on 32. westbound your lanes are open. no issues on the outer loop. slowdowns leaving 95 to georgia. new hampshire to route one, 11 minutes. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge, no problems to
7:47 am
report. lanes open. delays on the inner loop leaving springfield to gallows road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. listen to this, and look at this, a group of students in florida making the impossible possible. they built shoes that let them walk on water. it's all part of an assignment for an architecture class. the students raced across, i wouldn't say race, but went across a 175-foot lake. oh, they are racing, all right. on the campus of florida international university. the winner got -- oh, that guy didn't win -- winner got 500 bucks. the professor said he hopes the exercise teaches students that anything is possible. wow. >> very cool stuff. >> that is very cool. still ahead, top honors for a local high school's marching band. >> here's holly live in montgomery county today. >> reporter: top honors indeed.
7:48 am
we're talking about the maryland state champs, as we are live this morning at quince orchard high school, where the cougars are fresh off their tile win. coming up next, we're going to find out all about their award winning show, that's live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. mbarrassg it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you. come on you're better than this...all that prowling around. yeah, you're the king of the jungle. have you thought about going vegan carl? hahaha!! you know folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than antelope with night-vision goggles. nice! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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♪ i just came to say hello ♪ time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. today it is katryn fisher. she says she's been watching since she was a little kid. now she watches with her own kids. >> how about that? >> how special. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. in the up coming movie "lincoln" daniel day lewis plays the role of the former president. in beverly hills last night he
7:52 am
mimicked fellow actor -- >> clint east wood. he brought an empty chair on stage when he received his award and decided to talk to it like eastwood did at the republican convention. >> i have to say that i'm so extremely grateful and glad that taking time out of his very busy schedule, the recently reelected president of this country was able to make it here tonight. >> of course, making fun of what eastwood did when he talked to that empty chair that represented president obama at the gop convention back in august. for a group of local students, the love of music has taken them out of the classroom and all the way to the big arenas across the nation. >> the quince orchard high school marching band has put rock and roll back on the field and just won the maryland state championship. that's fantastic. holly morris is with them in gaithersburg. this is quite a treat.
7:53 am
>> reporter: this is quite a treat. it is no small task to be named the best marching band in the state. and that's what happened last weekend for these young kids, young talented kids i should say. not the first time, though. they won the state title in '04, '08 and this year. clearly excellence is tradition. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: seems like you're on the presidential election path, every four years. >> yeah. >> reporter: for people who don't understand the difference between a marching band and competitive marching band, kind of explain. >> sure, the biggest difference is attention to detail. we spend from august through november really focusing on the details of showmanship, musicality and excellence in performs. >> reporter: tell us about your show. >> we wanted to go with a rock and roll theme to get our audience pumped up. we have three songs we work on, and it's all american
7:54 am
nightmare, stairway to heaven and thanks for the memories. >> reporter: did you expect to win this year? >> we were excited about performing this and it shows in the performance. we knew we had a strong season ahead of us, but we're happy to be the state champs. >> reporter: he's the big dog. but if there was a second big dog, it would be this guy here. this is bradley jones, drum major. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: did you expect to win? >> i mean, i felt like we had, you know, it was going to be good i felt like. but i wasn't so sure if we were going to be able to push it all the way over and we did. i'm happy about that. >> reporter: was it like you were in the performance and like, we're nailing it? >> yeah. >> reporter: right? so you felt you were in the zone? >> yep. and afterwards we had people come up and ask, how do you think we did? i said, if we won or lost, it was the best we had done. >> reporter: can you give us your best this morning? >> definitely. >> reporter: what are we going
7:55 am
to hear? >> first, all american nightmare. if we go over a little bit, stairway. >> reporter: the time is yours. you that i can the position. go ahead and -- take the position. go ahead and get up there. let me hand the field over to the reigning maryland state marching band champs, the marching cougars. [ cheering ] ♪ ♪
7:56 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: we're just getting started this morning. we're going to see more of their award winning performance coming up in the next hour and
7:57 am
we'll talk to a trombone player, clarinet player about what it takes to take home top honors. >> good stuff. good stuff. thank you, holly. ahead at 8:00, agent 007 is back in big screen action with "sky fall." >> don't you love that music? >> love it. >> the latest installment has the spy on a mission to protect his headquarters from a dangerous cyber enemy. kevin mccarthy sits down with james bond himself actor daniel craig. time now, 7:57.  
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
back now at 8:00 on fox 5 morning news. a wild morning in downtown d.c. an armed robbery led to victims chasing the suspect and gunshots fired near the white house. we're live with the breaking details. >> president obama facing the so-called fiscal cliff this morning.
8:01 am
calls for cooperation as the nation closes in on a looming crisis that could affect everything from your paycheck to the federal budget. >> storm victims with another setback, gas rationing now in new york city. >> ever seen a new business and thought, why didn't i think of that? we're going to introduce you to local entrepreneurs who took their ideas all the way to the top. i think about that all the time. i really do. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. it's friday morning. let's concentrate on that. >> yes. >> instead of what we didn't do. >> friday, it's beautiful. showing a live shot with holly. >> can i tell you something? tucker has some good ideas. you just got to -- you really do. for businesses. you have to act on them. >> he does? >> he does. >> you've never shared them. >> i've never developed them. >> it's up here. it's how it starts. >> all good ideas until
8:02 am
somebody else does them. >> why you have to do them. >> i like my current job. >> you really do. >> on the side. >> on the side? >> yeah. >> everybody needs that extra stream of income. >> there's your satellite radar. storminess to the east and we've got clear skies, very nice conditions across the region. less wind than yesterday. still a little cool for this time of year. expecting highs in the mid- to upper 50s. getting better and better. 44 now in washington. temperatures jump 4 degrees in the past hour. 41 at dulles and bwi marshall. here is your friday forecast. it's friday, sunshine, less wind. and should feel nice. mid- to upper 50s the daytime highs. weekend looks great. all the details on a forecast that will see temperatures near 70 in a couple of minutes. >> nice. >> let's go to julie wright, find out what's happening with traffic.
8:03 am
>> we've had our hands full this morning. couple of things happening downtown. we'll get to that in a second. now, eastbound along 32, approaching 295, had the crash allowing traffic to squeeze by to the right using the shoulder only. expect tie ups now. 95 not too busy. lanes open continuing south to the capital beltway. inner loop below speed new hampshire to route 1. slow headed to the 3rd street tunnel. inbound off route 50, slow towards new york avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thanks, julie. we've been following breaking news today.
8:04 am
early morning armed robbery. >> this started around 6:30 this morning with a holdup at 18th and jefferson place northwest, south of dupont circles. shots were fired as the victims and suspects moved closer to the white house. wisdom martin is live at h street and madison place northwest. what's the latest? >> reporter: at this point police are searching for the four suspects. one of the porsches the victims were in, i'm going to explain what is the deal with that in a minute. it was parked in this area. they just towed that away. some background about what happened. it was just after 6:00 this morning when police say two victims were robbed at gunpoint of their cell phones and wallets in the 1800 block of jefferson street, jefferson place, rather, northwest. the victims then we're told got into their porsche suv, it was
8:05 am
black. they pursued the suspects. when they got in this area where we are now, a shot was fired, at least one shot was fired by the suspects at that porsche. we are also told that one of the shots did hit the porsche. and that's why it was parked over here in this area. police tell us none of the people in that porsche were hurt. no injuries. shots were fired, though. they also tell us the suspects are considered to be armed and dangerous and if you see the car that they're in, do not approach that car. i'm going to give you a quick description of that car. according to police, the four suspects were last seen driving away in either a white or silver lincoln with a d.c. license plate, ec0424. a white or silver lincoln, d.c. plate ec0424. they're still looking for those four suspects at this time. at least one shot was fired at
8:06 am
the porsche the victims were in as they pursued the suspect. no one was injured. back to you. >> wisdom, thank you. seven weeks, it's how long congress has to come up with a solution to the so-called fiscal cliff. >> sherri ly is live on capitol hill where lawmakers are under pressure with the deadline looming. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. good morning, tony. we may be seven weeks away from the deadline, but congress really has less time than that, given the recesses around thanksgiving and the christmas holiday. so today the president is expected to up the ante during an address from the white house, pressuring congress to get something done. the alternate economists warn
8:07 am
would be grim. the president and congress must broker a deal by the end of the year to avoid is he sequestration. unemployment could climb above 9%. the president is not expected to provide a specific plan, but urges congress to act. democrats want the bush era tax cuts for the wealthiest americans expire. the gop has opened the door to finding new revenue through other tax reforms. >> people making all this money have to contribute a little bit more. all the polling we've done, the vast majority of the american people support that, including rich people. >> the balanced approach isn't balanced if it means higher taxes on small businesses that are the key to getting our economy moving again and keeping it moving. >> reporter: these cuts would
8:08 am
pretty much go across the board. some defense spending could be cut by as much as 10%. although some entitlement programs such as social security and medicaid would be exempt. as for the local economy here, these cuts would really affect just about everyone. this is a region that depends on a large federal workforce, as well as government contractors. they could see layoffs and all the states and local governments around here who receive some sort of federal funding could see that money cut as well, even metro will see some spending cuts. across the board this is going to be felt far and wide in the washington region. back to you. thank you very much. new this morning, former dnc chair says he's running for virginia governor. the 2013 campaign would be his second run for the seat. he was a top advisor to former president clinton and secretary
8:09 am
of state hillary clinton. he joins a race that includes the attorney general and the lieutenant governor, both republicans. an investigation is underway at a college in virginia over an incident that happened late on election night. the president of the college says about 40 students gathered near the minority students union house after the race had been called. the students set off fireworks and broke bottles and shouted racial epitats. emotional moment for president obama. wednesday while thanking the staff at his campaign headquarters in chicago, he cried. >> you guys have done -- [inaudible] -- i'm really proud of that.
8:10 am
i'm really proud of all of you. and-- and what you have done -- [ applause ] >> in counting the popular vote, president obama beat mitt romney by about 3 million ballots. the romney camp was reportedly shocked. a senior advisor tells cbs news they were confident they were going to win. romney was described as stoic when he conceded the race to the president in a known call. they are part of an elite military group that operates behind the scenes. but this morning, several navy seals are taking center stage. >> they are being punished because of a new video game. sarah is back now to explain with the details. >> navy seals making news again this morning. seven members of the team six including one member of the team that killed osama bin laden received reprimand
8:11 am
letters and had half their pay docked. they are alleged to have divulged classified information to the maker of a video game. the two main complaints that they didn't seek permission to work with the company and they showed the game designer some of their specially designed combat equipment. the game does not recreate the bin laden mission, but it claims to show realistic raids in it. the deputy commander of the special warfare command issued a statement reading in part -- >> cbs first reported the punishments and according to the associated press, four additional seals are also under investigation for similar alleged violations. you may recall in september, a
8:12 am
retired seal landed himself in hot water after writing a firsthand account of the bin laden raid. the pentagon accused him of disclosing classified information, but he is disputing the charges. once again they are in the news. >> curious, because it seems like something years ago never heard about. >> would never hear of this. and for it to be out there now for a video game maker to be looking at, it's very strange. >> thank you. it is 12 minutes after 8 now on this friday morning. still ahead, chris wallace joins us live with a preview of what's on tap for his fox news sunday show. >> and what we talk about now. >> right. >> a moving tribute to the late u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens. how he was honored last night.
8:13 am
8:14 am

8:15 am
chris stevens was an inspiration to all who served with him and knew him during his life.
8:16 am
he remains an inspiration now, and i believe far into the future. >> secretary of state hillary clinton honoring american ambassador chris stevens. stevens of course was killed in the september attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. he was awarded the common ground award given for conflict resolution, and peace building. people in new york city are fuming after finding a fema office closed due to "bad weather." it's back open this morning, but residents on staten island are still struggling. 5,000 people there homeless this morning. drivers with a license plate ending in even numbers cannot get gas today in the long island area. the lines at gas stations were so long that the mayor of new
8:17 am
york and officials in counties are rationing gasoline now. only 25% of gas stations in the big apple have power. >> i don't know if you have spent time in new york city, but not a lot of gas stations in manhattan, comparatively speaking. if only a quarter of them are operating, that's a big problem. tucker barnes is here with something to cheer us up this morning. hello, mr. barnes. >> good morning, tony. thank you very much. let's get to, you know what time it is, everybody. time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> all right. >> awwww! she voted? >> wow, she looks young. >> got to get started early in life. time for our my first 5 photo of the day. this is a future voter. princess zo-michael. >> all right. >> is that her name? i guess that's her name. >> i like it a lot. >> one of a kind, i bet. >> look at her face. >> her mom says they start each
8:18 am
day with fox 5 so they can be up-to-date on the current issues. >> got to start them early. >> took her with her to vote. excellent. let her see the process. >> she only has four teeth. >> i love the jacket, too. like she's an informed viewer because she watches fox 5. >> that's great. >> send us your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. >> she's a doll. >> let's take a look at the weather. 44now in washington. cold overnight. back in the mid-30s much of the area. gradual warmup. sunshine today. and temperatures should warm into the mid-50s. 31 pittsburgh. 27 columbus. 39 in richmond. looking at the satellite radar, we're much quieter. storminess off the coast. center of the storm now well east of boston and dragging with it the cloud cover and the winds. had a lot of winds yesterday. today, more sunshine, less wind.
8:19 am
and as i mentioned, temperatures in the mid-50s. should feel pretty good. the weekend, look to the west towards cincinnati, and tony, you'll like this lafollette -- >> i was wondering what it was like there. >> high pressure, upper 60s to about 70 sunday and monday. that's a little weather inside joke. certain cities pop up, we're not sure why. julie, good morning. >> good morning, tucker. we're giggly today. open to and from the wilson bridge. accident earlier has cleared, and now experiencing delays south off the bw parkway to pennsylvania avenue. 16 minutes now. trip south on 270, still tied
8:20 am
up leaving i-70, 32 miles per hour southbound. germantown, well above speed at 62 miles per hour. only to hit the brakes again at 30 miles per hour leaving rockville to the split. leaving 270 into the sunshine at connecticut avenue and new hampshire avenue and route one. no accidents, just volume delays 95 to colesville road. delays inbound 66 from manassas towards centreville. fair oaks to 123, travel on the toll roads westbound near route 7 accident activity there. 395 across the 14th street bridge all lanes are open. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. the election of course is over and now the hard work of avoiding another recession begins. the election and battle over the so-called fiscal cliff are the big topics on fox news sunday this weekend. chris wallace is host of the show and joins me live with a preview. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning, tony.
8:21 am
>> now, here we go, they got seven weeks and i cannot imagine that they won't get this done. man, they got a long way to go. >> they do. and i kind of agree with you and maybe we're just optimists. i think two possibilities, one they solve it, or two kick it down the road for a few months. part of the problem is some of these problems have been so big, i'm not sure they can solve them in a month and a half, particularly with all the holidays involved. ultimately, my optimism or faith, and i think yours is based on the fact that the alternative is so horrible, and we've seen the markets drop hundreds of points in the last couple of days since the election. we got a report from the congressional budget office the basic score keepers up on capitol hill that said if you go over the cliff, which basically means all the bush tax cuts and, which means everybody gets a tax increase and the spending cuts go in, that it will throw the country into recession. people out of jobs. i just can't imagine that the
8:22 am
country will stand for it. sometimes the country has an ability, and oftentimes through the markets, of just saying to washington, no, stop. figure it out. that's happened when the house first rejected the bailout, the tarp bailout in 2008. i think it will happen again. maybe i'm being too optimistic. >> you have guests right in the thick of it and who can speak to all of this. >> that's right. two senators of each party, two republicans, members of congress. each party. all going to be in the center of the debate over the next few weeks, trying to figure out what do we do about taxes? going to raise tax rates, tax reform and keep the rates where they are? but remove the deductions? what are they going to do about the spending cuts? how are we going to get pulled back from the fiscal cliff? we'll talk about that and trying to solve it. maybe we'll solve it here on fox news sunday. >> that would be wonderfulful we'll watch in case you do.
8:23 am
thanks, chris. we'll see you on sunday. >> thanks, tony. >> want to let you know you can catch the show here on fox 5 sunday morning at 9:00, right after fox 5 morning news. >> i have no doubt that chris wallace could get that job done. perfect mediator. >> you got a lot of the players there. imagine if they solved it? >> let's do it for the people. this is quite the story we've got coming up. turns out pregnancy tests are not just for women anymore. coming up, the shocking results after a man jokingly took the test. >> and the sounds of an award winning marching band on a friday morning. but to get that title it takes a lot of dedication, practice, and commitment. later, holly will show us the students, how they prepare for such an intense competition. it's 8:23. ♪     ñ
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
gentlemen, listen up, what was meant to be a silly internet posting has prompted a health alert. a man described how his friend, who was a man, took a pregnancy test which came back positive. many people commented on that story and urged the man's friend to see a doctor.
8:27 am
turns out, he had testicle after cancer. oop they say a healthy man wouldn't have the levels of it. >> amazing. the national aquarium in baltimore celebrating the arrival of a baby seal turtle. it's the first ever recorded there. it was found shortly before superstorm sandy arrived. typically it's too cold there during nesting season and turtles won't survive. now in that mess a total of two hatched turtles were found. one died. this little guy is alive. more than 100 eggs are being tested to see if those turtles inside are alive. he's like, no, don't photograph me. coming up, a d.c. landmark turns into a stage for local students and it was part of a
8:28 am
thrilling lesson. we'll explain when fox 5 morning news continues. ♪ i'll save you from the terror, i'll make you see ♪ at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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try the simply delicious latte everyone can enjoy. america runs on dunkin'! ♪ thriller, thriller night ♪ oh, my goodness. look at that. they're really into this. >> these are students from d.c.elementary school southeast. they held a flash mob in front of the portrait gallery. their teacher describes this as a community building event. their test scores and attendance records have ticked up since receiving their award. congratulations.
8:32 am
you look great. >> that's great. i want to mention the tie i'm wearing. the folks from johns hopkins children's center in baltimore sent these ties out to i guess broadcasters all around the area. notable people, i think some politicians and the like will be wearing them today. this is to show support for the pediatric patients at the chities, there are a variety of them, and they are available at joseph a. bank stores. they're called the miracle collection. over the years these ties have raised over $900,000 to benefit the pediatric childrens center at johns hopkins. the ties are designed by children who have been through there. my particular tie is called presence. it was designed by maya harris, who unfortunately succumbed to her illness. they support many families. they're fine ties, made of silk. very pretty. >> if you don't like green, how
8:33 am
about purple. you have presence in purple. >> i got a purple one. >> very nice. available at joseph a. banks stores, also online. miracle collections. there you go. thank you for sending it to me. happy to talk about it. >> looks good on you. >> thank you. if you're not going to wear yours, i'll take that one, too. >> we'll have to negotiate it. >> it's for the kids, tuck. >> i like this one. >> okay. what you got for us, sir? >> chilly at the moment. warmup in store. a great looking weekend. waiting for a week like this for a couple of weeks now. 44 now in washington. 43 leonardtown. fredericksburg in the 30s, 39 degrees. much of the area north and west of the city back in the mid-30s a couple of hours ago. gradually warming up. 41 now at dulles and frederick. satellite radar, cloud cover. you can see the last of it
8:34 am
pushing off to the east of boston. out of here, dragging with it the cloud cover and winds. much calmer conditions today. high pressure to the west. will build in for the next several days. today sunny, but on the cool side with highs in the 50s. overnight, cold. by tomorrow, southerly and southwesterly winds and a warmup for your weekend. high pressure moving overhead today, nice and cool with sunshine. there we go, by tomorrow, right back in that warm sector. haven't done that a lot lately. temperatures so far for november are running about 8 degrees below average. not your imagination if you think the heat has been running extra starting the month. real nice today and the weekend. veterans day is on sunday. mid-60s saturday. sunday near 70, monday near
8:35 am
sunday. next chance for rain tuesday. cooler weather the middle of next week. that's a look at weather. back to you at the desk. thank you, sir. >> you have probably had a few good ideas that you thought could turn into a booming business, right? >> yes. some people are proving turnin that dream into real can really pay off. fox5's consumer reporter laura evans is looking for the next great thing. she talked with three businesses that started with a small idea that are growing bigger by the day. >> reporter: a little pampering, somes a somes a some aesthetic pleasing surroundings. this is dry bar. >> it's a gorgeous space, and i think everybody feels good when they get a blowout. it's like a luxury. >> i know it sounds dramatic. >> reporter: hairstylist turned
8:36 am
stay at home mom ali web wanted to get back into the working world. she started a mobile blow dry business and took a step further opening the first dry bar. >> there was this big hole in the market of a great place to get a great blowout at a great price in a beautiful space. >> reporter: that was two years ago. two weeks ago, she opened dry bar bethesda, her 18th location. there's one in georgetown, too. 40 bucks, wash included, you pick the style. >> women say, it's better than therapy. i feel amazing when i come in here. >> reporter: the demand is growing. >> they've focused on one thing and do it well. >> feeling like you look good gives you this confidence. >> reporter: a simple concept, inexpensive indulgence. excellent customer service. it's why we think dry bar could be the next great thing. need a tie? don't have the cash to buy new?
8:37 am
college ram mates tony and kevin have been there. >> we had internships and didn't have enough ties and didn't want to spend the money to buy new ties. we started sharing. >> reporter: they heard about women swapping baby clothes. >> people do this. wow. okay, we went for it. >> reporter: not friends became the first tie swapping service. there are tie rental companies. >> we took our model a step further. instead of accumulating inventory and making users give them back, let's make it peer to peer. >> reporter: users all over the country are joining the swap. >> may the transaction fee, including shipping. >> reporter: the person gets an e-mail with a link to a shipping label. they put ties in the box and ship them off. you'll always have something new. >> all the ties i've gotten, this is one here, have been fantastic. >> reporter: don says he's
8:38 am
saving lots of money, and it's so simple. >> with knot friends, you have hundreds, if not thousand of s of ties in your closet. not there physically, but at the touch of a button. >> reporter: smart money savings, efficient use of an item you own. it's why we think this could be the next great thing. looking for a place to go, something to do? >> it's a personality matching engine. we learn about a user's personalities and preferences and connect them to do with things in the world. >> reporter: it was born out of frustration. josh was going on a blind date and needed a plan, but had nowhere to turn to make the plan. >> i wanted to find something that would create that feeling of serendipity you see in movies. >> reporter: he and his friend developed a plan and a name. >> the concept of wooing, falling in love. we believe someone could fall in love with not just other
8:39 am
people, but experiences. >> reporter: what do users think? >> if you don't know the place, it will make it easier to find what's your interested in, what you may like. >> reporter: launch the free app, and an image pops up, me or not me, a game of sorts. >> behind each of those images is complex levels of personality and preference data. you can see businesses in this area that match my personality. >> reporter: personalization at your fingertips. cutting through the clutter and creating new experiences. that's why we think woo found could be the next great thing. >> love it. >> love it! >> it's inspiring. >> yes, it is. >> i want to come up with something. if you have a product or service that you think could be the next great thing, or if you know of one, let laura know.
8:40 am
>> laura, get ready. you can e-mail her at why another nfl team is looking to the redskins for help with their offense. sports breakfast is next. >> okay. and later, bond is back. hear what daniel craig has to say about his latest turn as the legend in "skyfall." it is 8:40 now. ♪ @
8:41 am
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8:43 am
we've got great sports news on this friday morning. d.c. united advances to the eastern conference finals in the mls playoffs. they beat new york last night 1- 0. rookie nick de leon scores the game winner in the 88th minute. we said 88 earlier, now we're saying 87. >> which one is it? >> one of those. right between. congratulations to united. the seattle seahawks meantime taking a few lessons from the burgandy and gold after a loss in st. louis in week four. the head coach carroll decided to take a close look at the redskins and how they are using
8:44 am
rg3. they says the changes have helped seattle improve their production on third down and in the red zone. seattle has scored touchdowns on six of the last 8 red zone possessions in the last two weeks. >> they're doing better than we are using our scheme. hmm. up next, the latest bond installment is getting oscar buzz. kevin mccarthy talked with daniel craig for his take on the famous role. >> that doesn't normally guess oscar buzz, does it? >> not usually. >> speaking of award winning stuff, holly is hanging out with a talented group this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are live at quince orchard high school this morning, hanging out with the marching cougars. they were named the best marching band in the state. we're going to talk to a few of the students about what it takes to be named state champs. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.   
8:45 am
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the james bond franchise keeps chugging along and the latest in the series opens
8:48 am
today. i can't wait. >> kevin mccarthy talks with bond, james bond, also known as daniel craig. >> what looked interesting about this film, so relentless. >> yeah. >> look back over your career, what was the biggest role for you you were so relentless, you would not stop going after? >> as an actor, you can't get too emotionally involved. i've really wanted it and been disappointed when i haven't got it. but if you kind of give -- there's way too much disappointment to give everything. so i kind of, i kind of pretend not to want it. kind of move on. i wanted to play this part, but i didn't want to play this part. and i walked away from it a
8:49 am
number of times and thankfully they convinced me to do it. it's a strange one. you can't get too involved. there are always other parts. >> i read an interesting article about product placement and heineken. i watched it, it was perfect, didn't depart from the story one bit. when does product placement become a problem in films? >> i think when you're building the scene around it. i just won't allow that to happen, because i think it's a waste of time. i'm very aware. heineken and all the other people i could mention rapidly, gave a lot of money to make this movie. we can't turn that down. it's just trying to do it as subtlely as we can. >> this has been one of the greatest franchises of all time, the longest running franchise, 23 films. hypothetically, if one of your
8:50 am
characters in the past could be fleshed out, 23 movies, what would be interesting to see? >> that's a complicated question. i don't know. the chance to play a character like this is really rewarding. as long as the writing stays good. i mean, and that's what hopefully we've done with this, is to kind of -- and it's a joy to flesh out the exact and make -- character and make it better. >> no, more, more, more, happened? >> we want to see more. "skyfall" opens today. >> the quince orchard marching band won the maryland state championship. >> what does it take to keep up with their high energy performance? why not send a high energy reporter to find out? so here is holly morris. good morning beautiful. what's going on? >> reporter: i was cold until i
8:51 am
was listening to daniel craig. now hot. listen, i said no pressure, but you're following daniel craig. i say no pressure. it takes hard work, dedication, time in, and that's just the parents i'm talking about. takes good parents to pull this off. there's a few of them out here this morning. but the kids obviously work hard, too. and i have three of them. i have rachel on trombone, good morning. mariah, clarinet player and david on the tuba. congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: the first thing i think of, most hard to learn the music or movements? >> i think it's hard having the mental preparation going into it. physically, it does take a lot. but if you're not in the right mindset, you won't get it done. >> reporter: how much is it you individually nailing it or all of you coming together and you have to keep that in mind as you're on the field? >> i think it's all of us
8:52 am
coming together. we have our own responsibilities. if we all don't chip in, the job won't get done. >> reporter: do you get nervous? >> all the time. lot of pressure out there. with a large instrument, everyone is looking right at you. >> reporter: i was looking right at you. >> yeah, probably. >> reporter: i think you did pretty well. when you were named winners, what did you do? >> i said, yea. >> reporter: try to control yourself. you? >> i cried, screamed. >> reporter: a girl after my own heart. >> i saw the others getting the awards, and we were speechless. it was crazy. >> reporter: i won't make you speak anymore. how about you get in position. this was just last saturday they were named state champs. the marching cougars! ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ >> reporter: not only did they win the state title and named best marching band in the state of maryland, they won best visual, best effects, best guard and best percussion. coming up in our next hour, we're going to find out more about that, and they even have a band uniform for me. we'll see where i can fit in so i don't total throw them off. now the pressure will be on me. we'll have more in our 9 :00
8:55 am
hour. back to you. >> she's going to play? >> reporter: i don't know. i'm a little concerned. i'm looking maybe for, you know, sarah suggested earlier the cow bell. if they have one, i'm all for it. >> okay. >> thanks, holly. >> they're good. congratulations to them. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. this is katryn fisher. she's been watching since she was a kid and now watches with her own kids. coming up, technology tantrums. you may think your ipad is soothing your child, but we'll show you one boy who throws a fit when it's taken away. >> weeks away from another possible recession. president obama expected to speak later today and urge lawmakers to pull us back from that fiscal cliff. sherri ly is live with all the details next at 9:00. stay with us.    u
8:56 am
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♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
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on the run, armed suspects after holding up people in a porsche near dupont circle. wisdom martin is on the scene. then, clinging on the fiscal cliff. what happens if we go off the side? sherri ly has a look at the consequences. plus-- >> this is awful. it's terrible, awful. i'm numb. >> frustration continues in the northeast. gas rationing in underway as power outages linger. sarah simmons is back with a look at efforts to restore new york and new jersey. >> later, a young man looking for help with a life saving decision. i am reaching out

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